Reparation Services

Usually, electronic equipment will at some point require a repair due to the normal wear and tear it is subjected to during its lifetime. This can be minimised with regular servicing and maintenance.

Of course, accidents can happen that result in your amp requiring some attention to restore it to its former glory. Often there are upgrades available if your model has undergone various revisions since you purchased it. In this case, your amplifier may be better than it was previously.

A repair can range from a simple case of replacing a small component, to a bigger job like replacing a transformer. It can involve an easy-to-access part, or removing a whole PCB to uncover something on the underside. Often the most time-consuming part of any repair can be tracing the fault in the first place, which can take anything from a few minutes to a few hours. This obviously has an impact on the cost of the repair.

For this reason, a quote identifying Labour + Parts will be given for every repair investigated with no obligation to proceed. We also offer full restorations on tired and noisy vintage amplifiers.

Has your amp’s sound degraded over time, or maybe stopped working altogether?