Design Services

In the coming months and beyond, various products from us will appear from time to time and be offered for purchase. All products will have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are 100% fit for purpose before they are made available.

From modular addons to full amplifiers, the range of products will in time grow into a comprehensive catalogue of items, that may also encompass guitar electronics, pedals, and indeed anything else we can think of.

As well as designing our own products, the option for facilitating customer’s bespoke requests is available. This may be hand-wired or PCB, which will usually be dictated by economic viability. If you have an idea that you hope to make a reality, then please contact us to discuss the viability of making that happen.

Because this is a small company, there is no dedicated R&D department, and consequently, products will be developed when time allows, not to meet trade show deadlines. It can get very busy around here.

Has your amp’s sound degraded over time, or maybe stopped working altogether?