Customisation Services

It’s an unwritten law that no mass-produced amplifier can ever be a perfect fit for every single player that buys it. Often, a guitarist will find a product that is close but needs that little extra something to make it just right.

If you have an amp that has the tone you like but is short on some control features you would prefer to have, then they can often be added. Conversely, you may have an amp that has all the control features you require but simply doesn’t have the tonal character you like. The tone can be manipulated to your preference.
During a professional career that often entailed working closely with high-profile guitar players and their techs, it wasn’t unusual for equipment to be modified to achieve specific sounds and/or add extra features as requested.

There are two categories of modifications that require due consideration before making any decisions. Non-intrusive mods (for example component value changes) will leave no evidence of their previous installation if reversed. Intrusive mods (for example drilling holes in a panel to add extra switches and pots) will show evidence of their previous installation if reversed. This is important if the equipment may be sold at a later date. These details will of course be discussed before any work is carried out.
Speakers are also a seriously underestimated factor that can affect your tone and many an amplifier has been wrongly condemned when paired with a speaker model not conducive to a particular sound character.

Customising/modifying/personalising an amplifier can range from adding a potentiometer or a small switch to control a simple function, to retuning an EQ section, to adding another valve stage that maybe adds an extra gain boost or facilitates an FX loop. There are literally hundreds of different modifications of varying complexity that can be carried out on an amplifier and you are welcome to contact us to discuss your ideas.

Has your amp’s sound degraded over time, or maybe stopped working altogether?