Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your workshop?

Our workshop is located at 13 Beach Road, South Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE33 2QA

Do I always need to book in a specific time slot to bring my item, or can I just pop in anytime?

We only accept drop offs and collections by appointment for two reasons; -

1. We may not always be available and thus want to avoid disappointment.
2. We need to avert the possibility of several people turning up at the same time.

How flexible are the booked appointments?

We generally give you the appointment time as the beginning of a 30 minute window. We expect you to arrive as close as possible to the arranged time.

Occasionally we have had instances where people are ‘delayed’ then turn up hours later. We can not always guarantee availability in this instance.

If I need to cancel or amend my appointment, what is the preferred method?

The preferred method is to call direct on 07931 359 364 and make an alternative arrangement, or cancel if necessary.

Ideally we prefer 24 hours notice of changes to appointments.

Can I get a quotation over the phone before bringing my equipment to you?

If you can say precisely what the issue is and just need us to implement the repair, then a fairly accurate quote can be given.

Or, if you can give enough information on the issue, we may be able to give a rough estimate.

Otherwise, we need to diagnose the issue on our bench and give you a quote thereafter, with no obligation.

What if my repair turns out to cost significantly more than the initial quotation?
In this case we will always call you to inform you of the additional cost before proceeding with any further work. The decision to proceed will be entirely yours.
How long will my repair take?

This depends on how busy we are at the time you bring the equipment to us. We will be able to give you a fairly close estimate when you drop the item off.

If we need to order parts, then the lead time of the delivery can obviously affect that estimate.

Do I need to pay before the repair?
Only if significantly expensive parts need to be ordered to facilitate the repair. In this case, we would ask you to pay for the part itself up front, then pay the remainder of the bill when picking the equipment up.
What if it is cheaper to replace my equipment rather than repair it?
We would always let you know if this is the case at the quotation stage. The economic viability of a repair is very much a factor of the equipment’s current market value.
Is there a warranty on the repair?
Our usual warranty period on repairs is six months, but can depend on the age and condition of the item, and the nature of the repair itself.