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We specialise in valve (tube) guitar amps but also service and repair solid-state amps, FX pedals,  guitar electronics and more. Bespoke projects can also be undertaken whether hand-wired or PCB. Restoration of vintage amps. Just give us a call if you would like more information about our services, free inspection and quotation for repair. Very competitive rates and friendly help and advice.

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Root Two Amplification Services

We are a company that caters to the needs of musicians who use valve and solid-state amplification, FX pedals, and all related peripherals. Whether it be to service and maintain, repair, upgrade, or personalise such equipment through customisation, this is the place to make it happen.

You’ll be dealing with an industry professional with a wealth of experience and a proven track record, as well as being a guitarist himself, so we’ll be speaking the same language. You can rest assured that your ‘pride and joy’ will be in safe hands.

Professional advice offered on technical matters with practical solutions

Has your amp’s sound degraded over time, or maybe stopped working altogether? Does it work ok, but, you want your tone reshaped or subtly tweaked? Gain boosted or even reduced? Control features added? Extra signal path installed?



Take a look at the various services we cater for below. If you’re unsure about your particular requirement then please don’t hesitate to call us and discuss.

As well as designing our own company products, we are open to discussion regarding customer’s bespoke requests.
We build our own designs to ensure we are in full control of quality. Only the finest materials are used to ensure reliability and longevity.

Customising your amp by having its circuitry modified is a common practice for achieving your tonal goal if you can’t get it off the shelf.

Maintaining your amp’s performance by ensuring it is serviced at regular intervals, will keep trouble to a minimum during its lifetime.


In the event, your amp needs a repair then bring it in so it can be restored to its former glory, or sometimes even better if there’s an upgrade option available.

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Appointments are strictly by arrangement only. Please call, email, or message to book a convenient time for dropping items off or picking them up. Early evening and weekends are often available.


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