Many mass produced amplifiers are necessarily manufactured to a tightly controlled budget and every penny saved on component costs makes a significant difference. It would be nice to think that every amplifier on the market was military spec and no expense was spared to make them the best possible quality. However, this is not the case, though all major brand manufacturers have a set of endurance tests in place during development to at least ensure their products are up to well defined quality standards as best they can.

Nevertheless, there are a number of amplifiers on the market that have known issues and known upgrades to deal with them. Whether it is beefing up certain components that are known to be subjected to too much life shortening electrical stress, or even replacing a component with one of superior quality to gain a sonic advantage and/or an increase in reliability, we can identify and rectify such issues, as well as carry out upgrades recommended by the manufacturers themselves in service bulletins.

A mains transformer from the 60s