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2061x owner from Oz. Congratulations on your new enterprise and best of luck for ongoing success!


Great to see you were you belong! Best of luck! Plexi


It's great to know that Mr. Steve Dawson is back in the business; my fav amp, the Vintage Modern, was designed by him and considering all the amps that he created there's no doubt that Steve sure knows how a amp should sound like and how it should react to your playing - tone is much more than just the amount of gain. This new project only means bad news... for the competitors ;) All the best, keep rockin'!

Rui (Marker)

Steve: All the Best in your new endevour!!! Blessings! A. Ps I have the first 3 1-watters and my favorite is the JMP-1, great work! :-)

Alejandro Porowi
Bedroom rocker!!!

Steve, best of luck with everything!!! Can't wait to see what amazing things you have up your sleeve!! Matt3310

Matt Montgomery
The Lance Mcdaniel Band, Tora Tora

Best of luck to a fantastic Engineer Excited to see what will come of this in the future.

Josh Melbihess

Best of luck with your opening today Steve.(3.Aug.2015) I'm sure with your experience and knowledge you'll be a great success! Luck forward to future amp designs and modifications.


Good luck with your new venture my friend, I`m sure it will be a total success for you.. I have a very special amp which I love as you know I`ll be in touch for a service when required....

Dave `Marshall 62` B

Steve, proud to be your first customer, did a great job on my AC 30. wish you all the best on your new venture, best of luck mate.

Ken Readman

I wish you good luck, Steve

The Polar Circle

A true gift to have access to one of the best Marshall engineer in all the history of the brand. All support from France for your new business.


A 5 star Service, Great quality service and advice. Was reassuring to know the guy who repaired my Marshall, was involved in the design of it. Cant recommend this company highly enough. Keep up the great work. Cheers Paul \m/\m/

Paul Maughan
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